My name is Karen and I teach flute as a path to self awareness, mindfulness, and musicianship. With my guidance, you will increase your skills, expand your world, and discover what you and the flute are capable of. Music is an amazing path. I invite you to explore with me.


My work is informed by many experiences:

Bachelor of Music in Flute Performance
Master of Music in Flute Performance
Doctoral Work in Flute Performance
Professional Performing Experience:
Portland Opera, Oregon Ballet Orchestras
Oregon, Eugene, Madison Symphonies
Britt Festival, Bloch Festival Orchestras
35 years flute teaching experience
Masters Degree in Education
10 years classroom teaching experience
Studies in neuroscience, mind-body connection, stress and wellness
30 years meditation & mindfulness practice


I love learning. I love growing more aware, curious, and open. Flute playing began that path for me. Music changes the mind, body, and emotions. It balances the brain, teaches us to breathe, connects us to others, and helps us feel. Plus it's fun. That's what I want to share with you.


I teach in Portland/West Linn Oregon and online. If you are interested in a trial lesson or more information about my coaching, please contact me at karen.gifford@yahoo.com
I look forward to hearing from you!